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Our People

A Tale of Two Cities and One Bag

Marrakesh is the brainchild of Grant Hawkins; our director and founder. After a chance encounter with a beautiful messenger bag in a Moroccan leather market - Grant fell in love. The bag accompanied him everywhere; becoming an essential part of his everyday and seeding a powerful interest in design and compatibility.

Four years (and a couple of straps later) Grant brought his passion for leatherwork to Saigon and founded Marrakesh; a boutique studio offering the same durability and craftsmanship he found Morocco with a distinct Vietnamese twist.

The bag now sits on a shelf in our studio overlooking HCMC's busy Phú Nhuận district. A reminder that good design travels and lasts a lifetime.

For more details on how it all started, check out our coverage in Oi Vietnam (p40-43)

Handmade and Personal

Marrakesh consists of a small tight-knit group of talented local craftspeople who hand-color, cut and stitch every part of our designs to ensure the best in durability and finish.

These are jobs that cannot and won’t be outsourced or automated.  We are committed to paying above-market wages, maintaining comfortable workplaces and only using non-toxic products in every step of our process.